FAQ about Aidilfitri Hampers for Employees

Aidilfitri Hampers for EmployeesThe company’s valuable assets not only of capital and assets (cash, inventory, accounts receivable, investments, buildings, vehicles, machinery, etc.) but also human resources or employee. This is because employees who drive the business. How come? Ranging from the manufacture of goods (to plant), the supply of goods or services, up to the financial management are all performed by the employee.

On this basis, each employee must be properly addressed the need to remain loyal to the company. Moreover, potential employees where a major influence on the development of the company. Needs of employees here is not only salaries but also of the affection of the company. Affection of companies one of which is the provision of hamper Aidilfitri besides Allowance, home offices, vehicles, etc. For your information, here are some FAQs hampers Aidilfitri for employees:

DIY or buy?

There are 2 options Aidilfitri hampers for employees that create yourself or buy. If you make your own, funds expended certainly more minimal than buying. However, if you do not want the hassle and the results are satisfactory, buy the best choice. If the choice falls on making Aidilfitri hampers for employees, means must shop for the contents of the hamper. Good food, groceries, and glassware as the contents of the hamper, it is advisable to shop at traditional markets.

This is to get the contents of hampers with a more affordable price, especially if you are good at bargaining price. In addition, usually traders in traditional markets will offer a rebate if purchasing large quantities. If the choice falls on the purchase of the hamper, be sure to choose a reliable provider of hamper. Especially if you choose food hampers for employees. Do not choose the wrong provider so the food inside the hamper close to or even been expiration date. Flower Advisor, a trusted online store that offers Aidilfitri hampers delivery.

Select the type of hamper of what?

There are many types of hampers Aidilfitri offered. Judging from the contents of which are food hampers, hampers glassware, and basic food hampers. Baskets of food (pastries), consideration could be given the tradition when Aidilfitri is to provide a cake for guests who visit. Baskets glassware (coffee or tea set) can also be taken into account considering that in addition served cake, the guests also will be served drinks.

However, basic food hamper can also be taken into account. Employees and families will require basic foods such as oil, sugar, soy sauce, butter, milk, etc. to make the dish Aidilfitri. However, of the three hampers of glassware somewhat more expensive.

In every company there are certainly levels of positions held by employees. In granting the hamper Aidilfitri, should not discriminate between office employees. Only for reasons of high office, then leave the hamper Aidilfitri fancy a well-stocked while the lower office employees are only given hamper Aidilfitri simple. It would cause conflict among employees. If for giving Allowance, can be adapted to the new work experience or position in the company.

By the way, the employee who has retired from the company could be given hamper Aidilfitri as a manifestation tighten the relationship and always remember the services of the employee to the company. Aidilfitri hampers for employees who have retired may be delivered to the home via the delivery service from Flower Advisor, which not only offers the hamper but also gifts including gifts for Mother’s Day. Please check to see gifts for Mother’s Day in https://www.floweradvisor.com.sg/florist/singapore/occasions/mothers_day_gift/99/.

Steps to Open a Valentine Flower Shop

Many people prove his success in business selling flowers. In fact, someone who does not deliberately pursue this business is now just shook his head after he was able to prove its own success. Which was formerly only as employees coupling of flowers in a flower shop but had to resign just because of the tight schedule, turned out to earn a larger income for his hard work. In fact, it can be said that the turnover will chase when the special day arrives one Valentine’s Day, in which the woman whose name is synonymous with so many men ordering flowers to be awarded to the lover, and this becomes a great opportunity for the florist.Valentine Flower Shop

In its efforts, the flower arrangements are made is also very creative, whether in terms of packaging, structure, or its resistance so as to attract the attention of many customers to buy. One example FlowerAdvisor.com.sg, ie florists who also got the best testimonials from the customers due to the flower arrangements which are created to meet the expectations of buyers that it is now enhancing the florist fragrant. Talking about the flower business that annually offers a lucrative income, of course you can at it. With the passion that fits in flower arrangement, it is probable that this business can run properly. If interested, here’s how you can do to get started:

Prepare sufficient capital

Capital became one of the important aspects that must be prepared to the fullest. It is impossible just the willingness and expertise. But of course, must be equipped with capital. Capital used to start a flower business can vary, depending on how much work is going to run. For example, you do not just want to sell this type of flower bouquets Valentine or hand, but also flowers tables, boards, and even decorating the building. Of course relatively large capital can be more than ten million Indonesian rupiah compared with the capital which is prepared to hand flowers are certainly could begin with a capital under 5 million Indonesian rupiah. Remember, in order to sell the business could interest you started well, of course you have to prepare for this venture capital to the fullest in order to avoid obstacles when purchasing equipment and supplies.

Choose a location that fits

Currently the sale of flowers can indeed be done online. However, the location is also worth considering that fits properly. Why? Someone who wants to buy flowers but if the store is not clear, it is not possible visitors not to buy. Moreover, the present moment has been widely circulated online fraud cases so that people have to be more observant and meticulous in scrutinizing stores that offer items that they are looking for, including Valentine flowers. To support the advancement of your business, try to choose a location that is strategically located close to the public, such as in downtown. This will allow potential buyers to visit and also make Internet visitors into believing that your field of business that is not fake.

Recruit skilled and experienced employees

To assist you in running a business interest, you can recruit skilled employees and well seasoned. You can recruit a way as possible through newspapers or radio to get a lot of candidates, after the selection, you can obtain a trusted employee. Recruiting employees in addition to helping job you point, most likely they can also provide new innovations such as arranging Valentine Flowers Singapore 2016 can even make your sales increase, for example, collaborate flowers Valentine greeting cards or dolls making bouquets or flower arrangements become more attractive.

Promote florist

Once the business has started running, the next step should be done is to promote the flower shop business through a variety of media, be it print, electronic, and social. However, for the first time starting this business would be better if the media market with reasonable costs, such as through the accounts FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, newspapers, radio, and so forth. Once the business has been growing rapidly and revenues also is tolerable, it would be very good if promoted by a variety of other media such as websites and television.

Starting a business interest with careful planning and everything supports both skills and capital is a right step towards a successful business. However, the record in this case is that you must be good at providing good service to customers. Even if they are not buying, do not despair especially emotional because running a business is not good when only the mind but also comfortable to wear heart that run. In addition, you also must be able to manage your time and finances as well as the discipline of working time and able to manage your finances well so that business is not at stake.

Selain Memberikan Mawar Valentine, Apa Lagi yang Akan Anda Berikan kepada Dia?

Valentine adalah momennya anak muda karena pada hari kasih sayang ini, banyak anak muda yang menunjukkan atau mengungkapkan rasa cinta dan kasih sayangnya mereka kepada orang yang mereka sukai dan cintai. Pada umumnya, mereka akan memberikan mawar valentine yang mereka rangkai sendiri atau beli di toko bunga, seperti di florist di Jakarta Selatan. Apakah Anda juga berencana untuk memberikan mawar valentine untuk kekasih Anda? Jika iya, apakah ada hal lain yang akan Anda berikan kepada dia? Jika Anda masih bingung tentang hal ini, disarankan untuk tidak terburu-buru mengambil keputusan. Sebaiknya pikirkan matang-matang, baru kemudian ambil keputusan.

Jika Anda sudah melakukan hal ini tapi masih belum menemukan pilihan yang tepat, coba pertimbangkan untuk memberikan boneka yang dia suka. Pastikan untuk membelikan boneka yang kualitasnya bagus agar tidak terkesan murahan. Jika boneka yang disukai pasangan Anda adalah boneka teddy bear, sangat disarankan untuk mengunjungi Flower Advisor yang juga menyediakan berbagai bunga valentine untuk orang yang Anda cintai dan sayangi.

Lalu, selain boneka teddy bear, apakah ada alternatif lainnya? Tentu saja ada, silahkan temukan jawabannya di bawah ini:



cincinDalam hal ini, ada dua jenis perhiasan yang sebaiknya Anda berikan. Pertama, kalung dan yang kedua cincin. Perhiasankan mahal harganya? Tenang, perhiasan yang dibeli tidak harus berupa emas 18 atau 24 karat, cukup dengan membeli cincin atau kalung dari perak atau emas putih yang harganya jauh lebih terjangkau. Perhiasan dari bahan ini cukup elegan dan tidak kalah pamor dengan emas graman. Ingat untuk memilih desain perhiasan yang menarik dan cantik yang cocok dengan pasangan Anda agar dia merasa bahagia dan percaya diri ketika memakainya.

Sebaliknya, jika Anda sudah bekerja dan memiliki uang lebih, membelikan pasangan Anda emas asli sangat disarankan. Tidak harus jumlah gramnya sampai puluhan gram, cukup 3-7 gram saja. Harga emas dengan berat seperti itu sudah cukup membuat Anda mengeluarkan dana jutaan rupiah.

Tiket jalan-jalan

traveling aHari kasih sayang bisa menjadi hari yang tepat untuk mengajak pasangan Anda jalan-jalan. Untuk itu, memberikan tiket jalan-jalan bisa menjadi pilihan yang tepat. Hal ini juga biasanya didukung oleh paket-paket atau promo-promo liburan yang hadir dalam rangka hari valentine. Pastikan bahwa Anda membelikan tiket ke tempat-tempat yang menarik dan favoritnya. Misalnya, jika si dia suka sekali dengan olahraga air seperti berenang, berselancar, atau menyelam, Anda bisa mengajaknya untuk jalan-jalan ke pantai atau jika pasangan Anda suka pemandangan alam yang indah, Anda bisa pergi bersama dia ke objek wisata air terjun atau ke desa yang suasananya masih asri dan indah.

Jika tidak ada dananya bagaimana? Tidak usah khawatir karena kegiatan ini tidak harus dilakukan berhari-hari, satu hari saja cukup. Yang pasti objek wisata yang dipilih tidak membosankan.

Tiket bioskop atau konser musik

concertPada umumnya, ada banyak film terbaru yang diputar ketika hari kasih sayang. Tema film itu sendiri tentunya tentang keromantisan dan percintaan. Di samping itu, berbagai konser musik juga biasanya digelar baik indoor maupun outdoor untuk menyemarakkan hari valentine. Nah, manfaatkan momen ini dengan memberikan pasangan Anda tiket bioskop atau konser musik. Pesan tiket jauh-jauh hari dan pastikan Anda mendapatkan tempat duduk di bagian tengah agar Anda bisa mendapatkan kenyamanan.

Avoid These Mistakes when Running an Online Flower Shop

Not to Do Check List

There are tens of online flower shops at this moment. Yup, flower needs grow and increase significantly because nowadays, people want to buy and deliver flowers without requiring them to go outside. They buy flowers for certain purposes, such as: visiting beloved ones in hospital, throwing wedding and birthday parties, expressing their love, and so on. Therefore, new online flower shops pop up day by day. Are you one of the new online florists? If you are, realize that running this online business is not easy. You can go bankrupt earlier if you don’t know what to do to run your online business.

In contrast, if you have good basic knowledge and reference about online flower business, make sure that you avoid doing these so your online flower shop runs smoothly and survives for a long time:

Buy a free hosting plan

Hosting is one of the important factors in running an online business. In general, professional online business owners buy dedicated or VPS hosting plan so their site is accessible worldwide. Besides, both these hosting plans have high quality server that is not crashed easily. Because of this, you are highly recommended to buy these hosting plans, not buy a free one. If you buy a free hosting plan, your site might be accessible worldwide but your site can go down and get crashed in hurry. The worst part is you can lose a lot of important data when hosting provider reboots the server.

How about shared hosting? This hosting matches with websites that are used for sharing information only. Besides, you just have limited bandwidth and disc space if you use this hosting. Also your site is easy to be crashed.

we make mistake

Serve customers slowly

When customers ask you any questions about flowers, you should answer the questions fast. For instance, if they want to know provided rose options on your flower shop, tell them as soon as possible. If you serve them slowly, they will leave you and you will lose opportunity to make sales. What if customers ask questions that are not related to your flowers, like your location and family, you have right not to answer their questions. You may also ignore them if they actually don’t want to buy flowers but just feel curious about you.

Ignore customers’ complaints

There are many online florists feeling disappointed and annoyed when customers complain them. This is normal, especially if customers use inappropriate words. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you may debate with them because it just triggers a conflict. You should show your professionalism by responding them as well as possible although you feel annoyed. Let them cool down their emotion by looking your friendliness. They will realize how good you are in serving customers.

In other side, if you ignore their complains and make them angry, you will get many disadvantages, like losing customers, making sales rate go down, ruining business image, and so on. These disadvantages are not good because in the long run, your business will get bankrupt.

Get Red Rose Bouquet on Valentine’s Day, What to Do to Keep It Fresh?

Besides chocolate and stuffed, red rose key interest generally being the most popular gifts to express love and affection when Valentine (sssttt, find red roses bouquet for Valentine’s gift? Please check the site’s valentine gift Malaysia). Most likely you will be given a red rose by him: D view of flowers including red roses is easily withered, it is unfortunate that a Valentine’s gift not only can survive on February 14 only. Then? Let’s see how those red roses are not easily wilt under.

Red Rose Bouquet on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14 no longer, about what gifts given by him? The main interest of red roses generally is a gift that is still to be excellent Valentine’s Day. Red rose is well known to be the meaning that symbolizes love and affection so that it is suitable when used as a Valentine gift. In addition, a florist when Valentine was not difficult to find because of the increasing number.

However, the price offered up a few times more than usual. Perhaps, you will be given a bouquet of red roses by him. If so, you should read the tips below so bouquet of red roses is not easily wither. Besides being able to beautify interior of the house, a bouquet of roses can also be conditioning and natural air freshener when in fresh condition.

Immediately enter into a vase of water

Post receives a bouquet of red roses from delivery service from flower shop Malaysia on Valentine’s Day, immediately put in a vase of water. Water that is absorbed by the stem will make rose petal and leaf does not become dehydrated or are not easily wither. So much so that the maximum absorption, cut end of the stem red roses in the water with a slope of 45 degrees ideally. Why should do the cutting in the water? In order to prevent entry of air through the end of the stem red roses thus speeding red roses withered.

Add the bacteria killer drug

If only water alone, the fact is not enough to make red roses become durable. Why? Because bacteria can inhibit flower freshness easily arise, especially water in the vase rarely replaced. Hence, the water in the vase should be added drugs that can kill the bacteria. What are these drugs? Bleach, Listerine, and aspirin. You can also add sugar as supporting the process of photosynthesis, vinegar because it is a catalyst which inhibits the withered flowers, and lime juice as a beverage for flowers.

Keep away from direct sun exposure

Sunlight is indeed an aspect of supporting plant growth. Not because the sun so one important aspect of photosynthesis, which we have seen that useful photosynthesis to produce the glucose into food for plants to grow. However, should not be too often making red roses exposure to sunlight. Sun can absorb water in the red roses so long into dry out.

Whatever the interest given by him later on Valentine’s Day, at least you know how to order a bouquet of flowers can be fresh for longer. Step you take care of the gift bouquet of flowers that are not easily wilt, at least be a simple proof for this recognition of time, effort, and money spent to him to buy you happy 😀

See ways to taking care of fresh flower

Tips Memilih Toko Bunga yang Tepat

Toko BungaKetika memperingati hari istimewa seperti khitanan, peresmian jabatan/kenaikan pangkat, pembukaan cabang usaha baru, pernikahan, atau bahkan menyampaikan rasa turut berduka cita atas kepulangan seseorang yang dikasihi ke Rahmatullah, karangan bunga (bunga papan) merupakan salah satu bentuk kepedulian yang sering kali digunakan. Hal ini dikarenakan bunga pada dasarnya memiliki arti warna warni kehidupan.

Berbicara mengenai karangan bunga, saat sekarang ini mencari toko bunga tidaklah sulit. Sebab, banyak orang yang memiliki keahlian dan mempunyai hobi dalam merangkai bunga kerap menjadikan hal ini sebagai salah satu peluang untuk memperoleh penghasilan. Dengan skill yang dimiliki tentunya mampu menghasilkan kreativitas yang bagus. Melihat banyaknya penjual bunga yang bahkan membludak di media massa, sebagai pembeli tentu harus pandai-pandai memilih toko bunga (terutama toko online) karena bukan tidak mungkin bila salah pilih toko, karangan bunga yang didapat tidak seseuai harapan. Jika Anda juga berencana untuk membeli karangan bunga, ada baiknya simak dan aplikasikan tips di bawah ini untuk memilih toko bunga yang tepat:

Pilih toko bunga yang sudah cukup lama beroperasional

Dalam memilih toko bunga, mengetahui kredibitas toko merupakan salah satu hal penting. Mengapa? Hal ini tentunya mampu memberikan gambaran apakah toko bunga yang dipilih berkualitas atau bahkan sebaliknya. Adapun salah satu hal yang mesti diketahui dalam hal ini adalah umur atau usia toko bunga beroperasional. Semakin lama operasional toko bunga yang Anda pilih, maka akan semakin baik kreativitasnya.

Hal ini juga dapat membuktikan kesuksesan pihak toko dalam beroperasional karena tidaklah mudah bagi pengusaha untuk mempertahankan bisnisnya bila konsumen banyak yang kecewa. Namun bukan berarti toko bunga yang baru beroperasional tidak patut dipilih, melainkan akan lebih baik jika toko yang Anda pilih sudah berpengalaman, yang mana pihaknya tahu bagaimana cara merangkai dan merawat bunga dengan baik dan benar supaya indah dan tidak mudah layu, juga memberikan layanan yang terbaik untuk memuaskan hati pelanggan.

Pilih toko bunga dekat dengan alamat yang dituju

Hal kedua yang juga mesti dipertimbangkan saat memilih toko bunga adalah alamat toko. Demikian karena bunga yang Anda pesan masih tetap utuh, tidak layu dan juga rusak. Seperti yang Anda ketahui bahwa karangan bunga biasanya dibawa dengan menggunakan mobil pick up sehingga mudah hancur bila dibawa dalam waktu yang cukup lama. Oleh karena itu, disarankan untuk memilih toko bunga yang tempatnya dekat dengan alamat yang dituju.

Misal, Anda ingin mengirim bunga untuk ucapan pernikahan sabahat, Anda bisa menanyakan hal ini kepada orang-orang sekitar komplek sahabat Anda mengenai toko bunga terdekat dan patut dipilih. Tentu hal ini akan sangat mengesankan bagi sahabat Anda karena sudah memberi support yang meriah di hari bahagianya. Begitu pula bila Anda ingin menyampaikan rasa belasungkawa, tentu akan lebih tepat bila memesan karangan bunga dari toko bunga terdekat, selain lebih cepat hal ini juga memungkinkan untuk mengenang kebaikan almarhum semasa hidupnya.

Pilih toko bunga yang tarifnya sesuai dengan layanan yang diberikan

Setiap toko bunga bisa memiliki tarif yang berbeda-beda, sesuai dengan ketentuan yang dibuat oleh pemilik toko. Akan tetapi, sebaiknya pilih toko bunga yang tarifnya sesuai dengan layanan yang diberikan, meskipun terbilang cukup mahal tapi bila menjanjikan mengapa tidak? Daripada toko bunga yang menawarkan harga realtif lebih murah untuk menarik hati pelanggan, akan tetapi pengerjaan karangan bunga dan juga hasil tidak memuaskan, tentu hal ini akan mengecewakan. So, tak heran bila harga juga menjadi salah satu hal yang juga mesti dipertimbangkan dalam memilih toko bunga.

Upaya membeli karangan bunga tanpa memilih toko bunga dengan baik dan benar tidak ubahnya memilih kucing dalam karung yang pada akhirnya hasil tidak sesuai yang diharapkan. Maka dari itu, penting memilih toko bunga dengan menggunakan panduan sebagai upaya memperoleh karangan bunga yang tepat.

Pertimbangan sebelum Membeli Parcel Online


Ketikan menjelang hari raya baik itu lebaran maupun natal. Parcel sudah menjadi salah satu tradisi yang digunakan oleh banyak orang untuk berbagi dengan orang lain. Semakin majunya zaman membuat permintaan parsel semakin meningkat. Isi dari parsel sendiri tidak hanya yang biasa kita lihat yang berisikan makanan, tapi telah banyak isi parsel yang beraneka ragam sehingga tidak pada satu pilihan saja meskipun makanan sudah menjadi tradisi yang sering kali dijumpai pada isi parsel. Dengan banyaknya permintaan parsel dan berkembangnya alat teknologi, membuat orang membuka usaha parsel dengan cara online agar membuat para konsumen lebih mudah. Untuk Anda yang sibuk untuk membeli parsel secara langsung, tentunya ini bisa jadi pilihan alternatif. Namun, pertimbangkan terlebih dahulu berikut ini:

Toko online                       

Berhubung Anda ingin membeli parsel online, maka yang perlu dipertimbangkan adalah toko online. Telah banyak toko online yang menawarkan berbagai jenis produk parsel yang mereka jual. Namun, untuk mendapatkan toko online yang baik, tentunya Anda harus lebih berhati-hati karena tidak sedikit juga toko online yang banyak berbuat curang. Temukan toko online yang telah banyak direkomendasi oleh banyak orang agar lebih nyaman untuk memilih toko online pilihan Anda. Jika Anda memiliki toko online langganan, sebaiknya untuk membeli di toko online langgan agar lebih terjamin. Jika Anda memutuskan mencari toko online baru, ada baiknya cari tahu terlebih dahulu mengenai toko online itu dengan mancari informasi dari orang-orang terdekat yang pernah membeli di toko online itu. Coba untuk mencari toko online yang memberikan testimony yang baik, tapi harus diketahui telebih dahulu bahwa testimony yang tersedia memang dari pelangan buka rekayasa dari toko online itu sendiri.

Isi parcel

Membeli parsel online, tentunya Anda tidak tahu secara pasti mengenai isi parsel. Misalnya, Anda memutuskan membeli parsel berisi makanan, tentunya tidak tahu tanggal kadaluarsa dari makanan-makan yang ada. Untuk itu, jika Anda memutuskan untuk membeli parsel secara online ada baiknya, mencari isi parsel yang lebih aman, seperti isi parsel buku, baju muslim, atau Quran. Hindari juga untuk membeli isi parsel pecah belah, yang ditakutkan barang-barang akan pecah, ketika berada di dalam mobil. Isi parsel menjadi hal yang sangat penting untuk Anda ketahui, cari tahu terlebih dahulu siapa orang yang akan Anda berikan parsel agar Anda dapat menentukan isi parsel sesuai dengan keinginan.

Cara pengiriman

Pertimbangan selanjutnya sebelum Anda membeli parsel online adalah cara pengiriman. Hal ini dikarenakan saat Anda membeli parsel online, tentunya Anda ingin parsel Anda dikirim sesuai dengan tanggal yang telah disesuaikan. Oleh karena itu, cari tahu terlebih dahulu bagaiman cara pengiriman yang dilakukan oleh toko online pilihan Anda. Tentukan dengan pasti cara pengiriman yang dilakukan. Jika membutuhkan ongkos kirim, sebaiknya mencari tahu berapa ongkos kirim yang harus Anda bayar dan juga berapa lama barang sampai tujuan. Pastikan bahwa toko online memberikan pelayanan yang baik terhadapa Anda. Jika parsel yang Anda pesan dengan isi makanan ada baiknya cari pengiriman parsel yang dalam jangka waktu cepat. Parsel merupakan hadiah yang digunakan untuk hari raya, oleh karena itu cari toko online yang memberikan penawaran cepat saat mengantar parsel.

Jika memutusakan untuk membeli parsel secara online, sebaiknya cari toko online yang telah Anda percaya. Selain itu, jika Anda ingin membeli parsel online, pilih isi parsel yang tidak berisi makanan, karena Anda tidak tahu pasti tanggal-tanggal yang ada di dalam isi parsel.

How to Make Customers Trust Your New Flower Shop?

customer trustThere are many new flower shops which collapse and get bankrupt in the first year. This problem happens because those flower shops don’t get customer trust so there is a little possibility to survive for a long time. When florists get bankrupt, they will get huge loss because they fail to get initial capital at all. Do you run a new flower shop? If you do, realize that you can get bankrupt as long as you don’t know how to make customers trust. Actually, getting customer trust is not easy because most customers don’t believe newcomers. They are usually afraid of dealing with scams or getting bad services and products at last.

To remove bad assumption of your new flower shop, you should do these so you can get customer trust:

Give valid contact person and address

When promoting your business in certain media, you have to give valid contact person and address. Why? Most buyers want to check whether the existing phone number or address is valid before giving you trust. If they get difficulty in calling you or finding your flower shop, they will forget and look for others. Furthermore, you are suggested to answer all incoming calls politely and fast although people just ask your location or product prices.

Show friendliness to all visitors

Most florists underestimate all visitors because they believe that visitors will not buy their product. Remove this bad thing from your mind because visitors are potential buyers. You have to change them to be your buyers so you can earn much money. How? You have to show friendliness to them. When they come in to your flower shop, greet and smile as well as possible. Ask their flower need and help them find flowers that they need. If they ask any questions, don’t be lazy to answer them. By doing this, they will not doubt to buy flowers and become your loyal customers.

In contrast, if you ignore their arrival and show bad face when they ask you, they will be offended and angry. This will make them complain and leave you. Imagine what happens next if they tell their friends so there is bad information about your business. This is very disadvantage because your business image will be broken.

customer trust 1

Offer reasonable prices

There are some newcomers deciding to offer cheaper prices to attract customers’ attention. Unfortunately, they fail to make any sales because customers are afraid of dealing with any scams. This happens because nowadays buyers are smarter in making any deals. They will not trust newcomers directly. For this, offer reasonable prices so your business is not suspected. To get reasonable prices, do market research and compare price list in the market place.

How about offering price cuts? This is good but you have to prepare this way well. Make sure that by doing this, you don’t get loss. If you still doubt to do this, you should not do it first. Fight and work hard so you can get optimal result, okay!